23rd TAFISA World Congress

23rd TAFISA World Congress

Some 400 participants from 60 countries worldwide met from the 23rd to the 27th of October 2013 in Enschede, the Netherlands, for the 23rd TAFISA World Congress. Under the theme “Sustainability and Sport for All”, the participants debated, discussed and shared future strategies and experiences. They explored the concept of sustainability in terms of the triple bottom line - people, planet and profit - and deepened their understanding of the intricate relationship between sustainability and Sport for All and physical activity. 

The Netherlands Institute for Sport and Physical Activity (NISB) and hosting municipality Enschede succesfully hosted this 23rd TAFISA World Congress. 

Togheter we have succeeded in creating an interactive, innovative and physically active congress where knowledge was richly shared and networkd became more sustainable. 

Take a look at the Congress Magazine for a full review of the 23rd TAFISA World Congress (November 2013).

There were 14 sessions available throughout the Congress (7 on Thursday and 7 on Saturday), with the subthemes People, Planet and Profit. 

Here you can find the availble presentations in PDF.