23rd TAFISA World Congress

23-27 October 2013

A country full of windmills, bicycles and numerous companies investing in sustainability. A host city with a number one Sport for All reputation and a long history in organizing national and international sport events. A programme full of contemporary topics and innovative and interactive sessions, activities and inspirational field trips…

All elements of the TAFISA World Congress support the 2013 theme: Sustainability and Sport for All.

It is with pleasure that we, on behalf of TAFISA, the Netherlands Institute for Sports and Physical Activity (NISB), and the Municipality of Enschede invite you to the 23rd TAFISA World Congress from 23-27 October 2013 in Enschede. This world congress is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between delegates of over 150 countries. Read more...


The task we give ourselves during the 23th world congress of TAFISA is to collect and develop principles that will help sustainable sport participation.   

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We will step away from the traditional congress format and introduce you to a more innovative concept using different set ups and methods for debate and networking. Through new ways of working and inventive network approaches the congress aims to work towards the creation of a solid model for sustainable approaches in the Sport for All sector.  


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5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the 23rd TAFISA World Congress: 

  1. ‘Sustainability’ a brand new theme on the Sport for All agenda!
  2. You can explore Enschede! A vibrant city in the East of The Netherlands, known for its active sport culture.
  3. Activate your mind and body during keynotes, workshops, excursions and social activities.
  4. You can experience the unique Dutch transport infrastructure of the Netherlands.
  5. You can actively familiar yourself with best practices by visiting local field trips.